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Business Communication

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Can I have your attention please?

I would like to get started, if I may

As most of you know, I’m presenting my formal business

Report, which it is a formal analytical report.

As we can see bank Audi and my goal is to take a decision which

is shifting from analog to digital Business.

Let’s take 1 min to see the background of this bank.

No doubt Bank Audi is one of the best banks

In Lebanon with slightly successful system,

Which in my opinion needs improvement. (Slide)

In other words, going digital might be the best

solution to gain all the positive outcomes in any

kind of a business not only a bank. Shifting from

Analog to digital is so important due to its

uncountable advantages thou it has slight

disadvantages; it would still be the perfect

change in compatible market.

While we are using analog method,

we have been losing so much time

filling paper work instead of getting

Things automatically done and saved

with minimum time consumed.

The purpose of this report is to engage

the whole digital community into our

business to expand wisely in order to

fully satisfy our customer demands and needs

We have many changes that should be taken

into consideration when applying those transactions

such as Data Entry, worldwide connections,

mobility and security. Most of those concepts

will be an advantage to the Banks outcome

while data entry can be set in between

the advantages and disadvantages of the changes. (Slide)

As you know, data entry going

digital means changing the business’

data from hard copy to soft copy

This may lead to so much effort from



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