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Book Review Pitch Invasion

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book Review Pitch Invasion


As the title of the book states "Pitch Invasion" it comes to mind that its sports related book, and gives a clue that football will play a big part in this book. Book is fairly complex as there is not just sport involved but the whole new business industry as the book unfolds.

Author talks of emergence of two young men from Bavaria in south Germany in little town of Herzogenaurach Adi & Rudolf Dassler , how two of them came together to come up with unheard of business plan to set up a business that would make shoes only for sports this was unheard of in 1920s. Sport was very an uncommon pastime at the time but they persisted and have set up Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, which is Brother Dassler Shoes Fabric.

To briefly summarise the book author talks of how sport started to emerge as popular pastime in early 20th century. And how two brothers Adi & Rudolf set up two major sporting brands, today Adidas and Puma are among biggest global brands, paying sport stars, clubs and competitions to wear and promote their label, dominating everywhere from football pitches to billboards, internet and magazine pages, and various other media. Book tells the story of how the rivalry between two brothers turned sport into a whole new industry, and how business revolutionized modern day sport. It talks of sportsmen such as Pele, Michael Jordan contribution of emergence of Nike, Boris Becker's contribution to the fall of Puma, and how Adidas helped Mohammed Ali win his biggest fight. This is a sporting drama of competition, greed, bribery and passion of sport shoes.

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