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Swot Analysis

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Every business will go into profit or loss period at different times a marketer responsibility is to analyze the current factor occurs in the market and apply a marketing strategy to fight the problems. This marketing method to identify the positive and negative factors is known as SWOT analysis which can be defined as strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Due to lack of demand for TV programs, Foxtel has continuously upgraded the product and technology to increase subscriptions. The strength in this company is that they have never stop upgrading services to meet customers' needs and therefore offer more than 100 specialist channels. Foxtel has offered recording in a television program and downloadable TV programs instead of downloadable movies alone from other company. Foxtel also provided subscribers to record pause and rewind live TV programs and interactive service.

The weaknesses faced by Foxtel are that people are not interested at quality TV programs at that time due to unmet needs in the market. Foxtel is a pay-television company and faces the problem in competing with 5 well established free-to-air broadcasters whom provide free high- definition channel and Foxtel can't afford to do free broadcast service.

Moreover, Australian chosen to build personal DVD movie collection and home theatre systems has become a threat to Foxtel. Secondly, the high-definition quality difference has cancelled between TV and delivered via cable. The government also imposed a rule call ‘anti-siphoning' which show the major sports events on free-to-air television. The emerged of Freeview with the 5 free-to-air providers is to compete with pay-television by providing 24hours sports and additional 15 channels.


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