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Business Communication

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The legal and ethical issues in relation to the use of business.

There are more options airline, nowadays to choose suitable flight not only consider airline safety also the price ticket of the aircraft. Budget cost is become the best choice of many visitors going travel abroad. Most people thought that low cost carriers charge less but in fact it not necessary as many budget airlines charge visitors extras from baggage fees etc for example AirAsia.

AirAsia operate scheduled domestic and international flight over 400 destionations spanning 25 countries. Let me give an example, where AirAsia provides flight with BND35 to travel Brunei to Kuala Lumpur. The baggage fee is varied according to the baggage weight, travel distance and weather pre-booked or not. For instance, a baggage of 20kg from Brunei to Kuala Lumpur and is BND25 and most people is not aware of it.

The reason AirAsia doesn’t include the baggage fee in the ticket cost is because they want to show the lower price as cheap as possible to attract travelers attention. Thus, this strategy of provide low price air face is a success to capture customer value. In other reason is they want the customers freedom to choose as their aims is to keep the cost lower and only charge customer needs.

In transparency to create a spirit of open in marketing operations. AirAsia should strive to communicate clearly with all situation of constituencies. They need to explain the details and the relevant information of services that may be affected customer perception and expectation. Eventhough AirAsia is not trying to cover the baggage fee information or providing misleading information, the inexperienced customers can be at the contrast.


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