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Swot Analysis

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Research process is the development of steps which he or she makes to research to locate information for research papers, presentations or any idea that requires information to complete it thoroughly. Business research requires you to study the consumer and or business customer. The following are several steps you will take in conducting a research for a certain situation.First you will need to identify the root of the problem. In the business sense you can start with identifying the company competitors. He or she can view competitor’s data that has already been published such as product they offer. Read some of the weakness from reviews that there customer has published. The second step is to identify your customers. He or she will need to research what the customer wants or need before they start developing merchandise. This will also be beneficial and helping the company establishes a marketing strategy because they will be able to identify the intended audience. The company will complete this task by conducting phone interviews, mailings, and personal interviews. After the company have establishes detail information on the intended audience the company can then complete a SWOT analysis. This test is considered to be the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. After identifying the swot analysis he or she would be able to properly capitalize of the positive and correct the negatives that are at hand. This will lead the company to implementing the final course of action. These steps are very beneficial in helping develop marketing strategies and becoming a key to success.


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