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Danone - Social Media Report

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Social media is ‘a type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media, which delivers content but doesn’t allow readers/viewers/listeners to participate in the creation or development of the content.’ (S. Ward, 2012)

Danone uses a wide range of social media to reach its consumers all around the world through different techniques. The mainly use social networks, online videos and blogging.

A recent example of Danone using social media is their Facebook campaign which contained an app where users could submut their facebook profile to take part in a game and once they had a musician was called in to personalised video using your profile to get the information and lyrics for the song. This was all done with the musician sitting in a big Danone yogurt pot and the finished videos were then either posted on their own wall or friends. According to Danone the results from this campaign were spectacular ‘During the campaign the users stayed in the brand’s app for an impressive average of 18 minutes. In just 5 days, nearly 1,000 people had their digital lives put into rhythm, and the videos of their personalised songs reached over 200,000 people on Facebook. The action’s repercusiion on social networks, newspapers and TV took the Activia story to over 4 million people.’ The reason for such high success was that most Facebook campaigns are focused on increasing likes which increases awareness of the products. However Danone was intelligent in coming up with an original idea that gets the users interactive with the product which creates a buzz for the product and gets people talking about the goods beacause of the new approach to marketing products. (N,Harbison, 2011)

Like some other companies Danones localised approach to building Facebook communities succeeds in building a larger and more engaged community. They carry this out by using country-specific pages so they are able to market specific products to their different target markets around the world via Facebook.

Another example of an innotavie way Danone has used social media to market their


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