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Lecture 13: some points it is recommended to Study for the final exam.

Note: this does not mean that only these points will be in the exam but is a guideline to begin your studies.

Identify Porter's competitive model and discuss the impact on business of each threat. Identify how IS can assist in addressing these points.

Identify and discuss Porters supply chain model and its relevance to business.

What are the stages of the IS development life cycle. What are the roles of management at each stage. the SDLC and the warwefall approach.

What are the different types of implementation of a new system. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each.

What are DBMS and why are they important. What is the managers role in their development. That are the structures (field, record, file…) of a database.

What are neural networks, fuzzy logic and robotics. When/why are these used.

What are Expert systems – strengths and weaknesses, when used.

What are the uses of MIS and DSS. How are these different from EIS and Dashboards.

What are the three levels of decision making in business. Who does what type of decision and what IS tools does each level use.

What different types of reports can be generated from an IS – why / how used.

What is e-commerce and e-business. What is the role of IS in these.

Understanding their effects on business cost and channels.

Differentiate between


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