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Carrefour Business Report Writing

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This report examines the customers' satisfaction based on facility, customer services and layout of the store department at Carrefour in Seberang Perai and provides the most effective solutions that will help Carrefour to overcome their problem.

The data used in this report were gathered from interview the manager of the customer service department and from the questionnaires distributed to 50 respondents randomly selected from the customers in Carrefour Seberang Perai. Besides that, the data also used in this report are from the secondary references which are from the internet and articles.

The findings showed about 70% of the respondents felt more convenience and comfortable to shop at Carrefour compare to other hypermarket because of the facilities and a good environments that are providing by Carrefour. The survey also showed that all of the respondents were satisfied with the services at Carrefour.

Carrefour Seberang Perai has managed to:

1. Provide clean and well-arrange food court

2. Provide home delivery services

3. Provide professional staffs

4. Provide a proper demonstration of the product when required

5. Provide signboards for each of the store department

It is recommended that:

1. Carrefour in Seberang Perai should provide more parking lots during the festival seasons.

2. Carrefour in Seberang Perai should provide more security guard and CCTV.

3. Carrefour in Seberang Perai should provide a smoking area.

4. Carrefour in Seberang Perai should provide more parking spaces for handicap people.


Carrefour is the number one retailer in Europe and the second-largest retailer in the world. In Malaysia, Carrefour is a leading hypermarket chain selling a wide range of household grocery products ranging from frozen goods and fresh products to textiles, garments and shoes, as well as electrical goods such as home kitchen items and audio-visual appliances. Carrefour is widely recognised as a convenient one-stop shopping centre that caters to a mix of consumers from housewives to students and working professionals. Carrefour respect customers' freedom of choice through the variety of store formats and the diversity of the products and brands sold.

Carrefour further enhances this freedom by providing thorough objective information and give consumers the freedom to buy at prices consistent with their purchasing power. Carrefour provides the largest possible number of people with the opportunity


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