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Business Reports How To

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This chapter introduces how to write reports that have:

• Suitable layouts

• A sensible structure

• Appropriate content

Step 1 – identify the task

The task is to write a report. The report often is to analyses advantages and disadvantages of any situation. The special instructions are that you usually should to add your recommendations.

Step 2– layout:

The Introduction includes:

1. A title – at the top of the report and often underlined. The title states briefly what the report is about.

The title states briefly what the report is about and is preferably in capital letters or underlined eg:



The addition of the word ‘confidential' is not essential but is always advisable to try to think of the exercises as being based on real situations. A report of this nature that might be critical would receive very confidential handling

2. The terms of reference – the purpose of the report is explained by the terms of reference. The outline what has been requested, who asked for the report and when it is to be handed in. if no date is mentioned in the question, you may use any suitable date. Often, the report is to be as soon as possible (ASAP).

These elements explain:

• What is the report about

• Who wants report

• When the report is wanted

3. The proceedings. The proceedings list and explain how the information has been gathered (eg. conducted meetings, observe staff, from where I know


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