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Mgt 426 - Evolution of Business Report

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Evolution of Business Report

Katie Brock


April 24, 2017

Professor Frank Futyma

 Evolution of Business Report

In today’s society innovation, diversity, and technology has become the norm for organizations. An organization with innovation has showed their success by reaching set forth goals. Diversity has increased over the years by learning different aspects of individuals. Technology has impacted the workforce in a beneficial manner. All these factors are important to enhance the performance of an organization and success rate in their market.  

Role of Innovation in Executing Change Strategies

        Innovation is the development of an idea or strategy to use within an organization that will create a positive outcome. It is a method that provides variation in products and services. Innovation is an important skill and will help strategically drive organizations on a forward direction.  The role of innovation in executing change strategies is to identify and understand both the business and consumer needs (Cummings, 2015). The next step would be to develop an innovative approach to reach both of their needs.

        It is the managers’ role to use the new ideas from the innovative approach within the organization. When employees are offering the freedom to discover new ideas, it could potential increase the productivity and performance of the company.  Managers should encourage creativity and innovation on a daily basis by offering the staff support to stimulus the creative thinking process. When an organization is innovative typically have more flexibility to make changes involving member decision making (Cummings, 2015).

.         It is important to identify the employees’ work likings.  When a manager determines what is going to work for the employees the change will become easier. In any organization, each person’s contribution to the company will also help in the change. It could potentially build trust between the manager and employee by allowing new ideas to be discussed amongst them. Innovation must be based on a true understanding and respecting the differences in everyone’s ideas. This will also help with the job satisfaction of the employees.

        Innovative employees tend to be motivated and involved in making decisions for the organization.  When innovation is stimulated, management control systems are used to inspire and motivate the employees to create and search for new opportunities (Simon, 2013). The company should always encourage employees to be more innovative. In the company, employees that understand the goals and the expectations of them will more likely reach those goals. This is why the innovation strategy is very important in executing change to prevent resist to those changes.  Allowing employees to think beyond the structure will enable them to use other resources to analyze new ideas for innovation purposes.


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