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Lannister Sports Business Report

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By: Aagam Shah (4932742)

Tutor Name: Mrs. Shambavi Rajagopal

Demand and Main Service

Lannister Sports will be a retail store that provides athletic equipment to various athletes who play sports around the United Arab Emirates. Lannister Sports will also provide the latest in terms of fitness machinery and equipment. One of the main objectives of Lannister Sports will be to offer customizable products to its customers and will also ensure that the customers get the advice and equipment that caters to their needs. Even though the store will provide various options in athletic equipment’s, the main options that will be available at the store will largely focus on Basketball, Cricket and Football.

One of the key reasons for opening a store that focuses only on basketball, cricket and football jerseys and equipment’s is the large amount of athletes who play these sports in the UAE. A minimum of seven out of every ten children play these sports at grass root levels and most of the companies have a team that participates in major basketball, cricket or football corporate events (Kelley and Carchia, 2011).

The service will be available to the customers through the main store and through a fully functioning online website. The main store will enable the customers to choose from a variety of products. Some of the main products that will be available to the customers and be customizable are:

  • Shoes
  • Apparel & Caps
  • Fitness Equipment’s
  • Sports Accessories

Competitive Edge

Lannister Sports main priority will be to develop a long-term relationship with its customers and to ensure that the consumers have complete trust in what the store is offering. As a relatively small-scale operation, Lannister sports will not be able to match its competitors such as Sun and Sand Sports and Stadium in terms of pricing. However, Lannister sports main aspect will be its customer satisfaction. To ensure that the customer satisfaction is achieved, Lannister sports will provide state of the art technology in the form of Shoe moulding, i.e. any customer can walk into the store and pick a shoe they choose to purchase. Instead of struggling through the stress of trying on different sizes, the state of the art technology will bring easiness into the customer’s life. The customer will have to place their leg into the moulding machine and a clay moulding would be formed as per the feet size of the customer. Our experts behind the desks would then take the clay and design the shoe especially for them based on their designs. This process is one that hasn’t been used before, and it ensures that the customer owns something that is customized only for them, and fits them only. This experience would in-turn increase trust and will more likely make them repetitive customers. The online website will also allow customers to customize their own apparel and caps which can be delivered to their doorsteps through the delivery service provided. The store will also be granting students in schools and colleges a discount on their purchases, both through the store and through the online website.


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