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Siemens Ag Business Report

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Company Overview

Siemens AG is a German-based industrial conglomerate global powerhouse that operates its core business functions in areas comprising of electrification, Digitalisation and Automation.  Siemens is widely regard to have technical expertise, widespread company portfolio and long standing experience, acting as a catalyst for a sustainable future both internationally and domestically in Australia.  Siemens AG, is amalgamated in Germany, with corporate head-quarters situated in Munich. As of September 30, 2015, Siemens  had around 348,000 employees in over 200 countries. Throughout Australia and New Zealand, where Siemens has been active for over 140 years, Siemens employs more than 2,200 people across 14 locations

Siemens AG is one of the worlds leading and largest energy and resource efficient provider in relation to technologies.Siemens AG, is incredibly versatile and adaptive as they are capable to producing everything from automation to digitalisation products such as imaging services and systems for hospitals.  However, Siemens AG currently have 10 core business functions: Healthcare includes specialising in medical imaging and diagnostics solutions for the healthcare industry; Digital factory comprises of automation technology, switch gear, software and related services; financial services provides continual business to business financial solutions and advice; process industries offers multiple systems and processes solutions to various industries; energy management relates to systems, solutions and supply products and services for the distribution of energy; Mobility emphasises on freight transportation and passenger movement solutions; Building Technologies relates to building and infrastructure systems and processes; Power and gas offers products and solutions for generating electricity from fossil and renewable fuels and for transporting oil and natural gas; Wind power Wind Power and Renewables provides solutions for the wind power industry.

Industry analysis – Energy Management

The Energy Management Division within Siemens AG, offers a variety of products, systems and solutions for distributing power and energy resources.  Characteristics of consumers within this market segment relate to power providers, industrial companies, developers and construction companies, and infrastructure developers. Energy Management is a growing market, enabling business to become energy efficient. As a consequence, Siemens have experienced greater revenues and orders in solutions and product offerings within 2015 fiscal year. Therefore, profit has also increased, due to lower charges on product execution and implementation. This shows that the business division of Energy Management, is booming as Siemens constitutes more (MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS).

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Provide an overview of the products/services/raw ingredients/information that the network supplies and purchases from other members of the network.


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