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Strategic Management - Siemens Ag

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When you talk about Siemens, you should know Klaus Kleinfeld leader.

Kleinfeld worked for Siemens AG since 1987, before the Siemens made him chief operating officer of its U.S unit in 2001, and was promoted to CEO of Siemens' U.S unit in 2002, and he helped the company play a big role in building Houston's Reliant Stadium, scene in 2004 of that most American of events, the Super Bowl. Kleinfeld was set to become the latest German manager to parlay U.S experience and attitude into a top job at a German corporate icon. On July 7, 2004, because the effective in January, Siemens announced that Kleinfeld will succeed Heinrich von Pierer as CEO of the $89 billion Munich conglomerate. The most difficult question for him in that time was whether or not the energetic Kleinfeld will fare more than did some other German bosses do, who tried to import U.S-style management techniques, with their emphasis on speed and profit. And he helped the Siemens a lot with over $1000 million profit in 2002 and 2003. But he was not succeeding yet. Kleinfeld focused on the intersection of psychology and economics, he was failed to archive the bigger objective. If Kleinfeld can reconcile human nature with economic reality at Siemens, he might just succeed.

b. Four functions of a management like him

Kleinfeld was the latest German manager to develop U.S experience and attitude into a CEO at a German corporate ion. He did a great job when he was promoted to CEO of Siemens' U.S. unit. He was planning, leading, controlling and organizing effectively.

 Planning:

Kleinfeld made changes and put his fingerprints on Siemens' decision. He took an exact goal merging the mobile phone division with the land-line telecom unit that was possible choice.

 Organizing:

He had to make another step


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