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Khind Strategic Management

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1. Establish regional market by strategic partnership

- Establish more regional offices in the world other than Dubai can help them to planning and explore more potential markets.

-Strategic partnership with local distributors is also can help Khind to establish an effective and efficient supply chain management so that they can Cooperation with local distributors to form a strong union on controlling and monitoring the local market.

2. Market development

-market development can help Khind to Export their product to more countries and launch sales strategies into new markets to generate more revenues for example, Khind can explore African countries because the population in Africa is large and they can become the first local electrical and electronic company enter Africa countries.

3. Manufacturing development

-Khind can build manufacturing facilities in China or Vietnam because the material cost and labour cost in those countries is relative low so that it can help them to decrease total costs of production.

4. Product development and R&D investment

- Khind can enhance their R&D investment through their substantial financial performance. The strong R&D investment can help them to avoid centerfield and imitate product and it can also assist them to develop premium electrical product so that they are not just focus in the middle market brand.

5. Conglomerate strategy

-KHIND is a well-known electrical and electronic products company in Malaysia and they also have a strong financial performance in the pass so they can use the strength to development in other unrelated business such as constructions, real estate and so forth to enlarge the company.

5. Launching aggressive


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