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Hyatt Hotels Business Report

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history, company structure, mission, Opjectives, statistics, staff number organization strurctur




Hyatt Hotels



Nadine Günther 2nd year HME


Georgi Prisadnikov 1st year HME

1. Frontpage 1

2. contents page 2

3. Introduction of the Hyatt Hotel 3

4. The history 3

2.2. The structure of brands 4

3. Introduction/Background 4

4. Advertising 5

4.1. Press advertising 5

4.2. electronic/television advertising 5

4.3. online advertising 5

4.4. Public relations 7

5. Executive Summary 8

2. Introduction of The Hyatt Hotel

Today is the Hyatt Corporation, one of the best known hotel groups worldwide, encloses more than 370 hotels & Resorts in 44 countries and offers to her guests hospitality at the highest level. She places big value of excellent, personal service, the inclusion of the respective land improvement and lasting thinking and action. The subsidiaries of the enterprise with head office in Chicago own and pursue (also as a franchise enterprise) hotels and Resorts of the brands HyattTM, Hyatt RegencyTM, Hyatt ResortsTM, Grand HyattTM, park HyattTM, Hyatt PlaceTM, Hyatt Summerfield SuitesTM as well as AndazTM and develop the portfolio currently on five continents further. The Worldwide Hyatt corporation is, moreover, owner of the Hyatt Vacation Ownership Inc, and operators of the Hyatt Vacation ClubsTM. Many thousand employees and female employees offer worldwide prominent service to the hotel company and contribute thanks to her personal application and engagement decisively to the success of the enterprise.

2.1. The history

The name "Hyatt" comes from the previous owner of the motel, Hyatt van Stretching.



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