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The Effects on Addiction

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Effects of Addiction

Keisha Zachary


July 26, 2016

Laura Snell

Effects of Addiction

“ Addiction is a condition that happens when a person experiments in activities that are pleasurable; however the act of this substance becomes compulsive and interferes with normal lifestyles and the responsibilities that can with it” ( Psychology Today, 1991-2015).  Many of people all over the world suffer from additions of any type, which consumes their lives. Many depend on drugs to full voids and help them cope with day to day lifestyles. In the case where an addict is addicted it interferes with their family, friends, and community lifestyles and they are not aware of how it is affecting them because this is something that is overlooked.  Schafer talks about how researcher focus on the role of family relationships in the creation and maintenance of drug related problem that have been identified as a strong connection between disrupted family relationships and drug additions (2011). In Anthony’s intervention it shows, how Anthony is struggling with a cocaine addiction. His family is struggled to deal with the addiction in hopes that he will stop using drugs. In this paper I will explore how Anthony's addiction affects his life, his family's life, and the community he lives in.


Anthony is a 21-year-old functioning addict. At the age of 20 he started using marijuana, to help cope with the loss of is sister. Upon using the street drug he then discovered his high was no longer high enough and it was then that he turned to cocaine. Consumed by cocaine as an addict it became the love of his life.  Anthony chose of drug is cocaine, however he uses a straight needle to inject it into his veins. Anthony talks about the importance of family and how he loves this but the love for this drug has over powered his life.  His parents loves him, however their dysfunctional relationship amongst the two has also lead him to abusing drugs. His father was not in his life at an earlier age while his mother suffered from a depression after losing her daughter, Anthony’s sister to a drug overdose. Anthony” states how he loves cocaine and when he thinks of it, it makes him smile. “He then stated when he shoots coke, it’s like an orgasm in his head. In his time of being an addicted his health has declined and he has also has an experience with death. Being a user has cause his family hurt as well as run his sister away. His life outside of drug no longer exist.  His father is in his life more now than he was as a child.

According to the Roles in Addiction handout Anthony takes on the survival role which makes him the family scapegoat. Anthony’s drug addiction deflects attention from the dysfunction that exists between his parents (McNeece & DiNitto, 2012). He has come really close to losing families support; however he has decided to accept help during his first intervention. His first chance was not successful and unfortunately he relapsed. After several tries not like many he became successful in his recovery.  


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