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The Effects of Addiction Paper

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The Effects of Addiction Paper

Amanda Neiderquill

University of Phoenix

BSHS/ 455 Working with Addictions

Instructor: Rebecca Kirkham

November 7, 2016

          After viewing the video of "Anthony," I can see the effects of Anthony's addiction in Anthony, his family, and his community. Anthony suffers from a cocaine addiction in the video, which later he relapses to heroin. Anthony had a sister that passed away from a heroin overdose, which surprised me that he was willing to put his mother at risk of losing another child. Anthony was born into an unstable family and began to use drugs at the age of 14 when his older sister passed away. He is now an addict. Intervention #38 (Anthony) [Video file]. (2006)

              Anthony’s father had five sons with three different women, and Anthony's mother had three daughters from a previous marriage. In the video, Anthony states that his father was not around for him while growing up and that his mother shut down once his sister died. I sense that Anthony turned to drugs because he felt as if he was unnoticed and was able to get away with using drugs. Anthony’s parents are now divorced. Anthony’s father spent a lot of time gambling and cheating. Intervention #38 (Anthony) [Video file]. (2006) Something that Anthony is well aware of. His father was not supporting his sports ability upsets, Anthony. I think that Anthony would have pursued a baseball career if his father would have been around. He is constantly seeking for his father’s approval. It seems as if he is still seeking his father’s approval at the age of 21. This could be a part of his addiction problem as well.

            Anthony’s brothers each own a pizzeria, of which his father started for them. He works or one of his brothers, and has been fired from his other brother’s pizzeria. Anthony was fired for stealing pay checks. He even went as far as breaking in to steal $700 to pay off a drug debt and so his drug dealer would not stab him. Intervention #38 (Anthony) [Video file]. (2006) This shows that addicts will go to any extreme to feed their addiction. Anthony is willing to steal from his own family. I view this as enabling Anthony. They do not hold him accountable for any of his actions.

           Anthony's addiction is affecting his family, by creating random chaos, making his family worry and allowing them to enable him. His grandmother caters to him from making him meals, cleaning his room and doing his laundry. His mother sits up and waits for him each night and did not want to put him out. His father keeps his financial situation under control and plays a larger role in Anthony's life than before. His brother employs him and his one sister disowned him. His other sister is absent from the family, as she suffers from an addiction problem as well. His family's daily routines are created around Anthony and what he is doing. They are enabling Anthony, and they may need to seek their help. I think family counseling would be beneficial to this family. Intervention #38 (Anthony) [Video file]. (2006)


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