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Bshs 455 - the Effects of Addiction Paper

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The Effects of Addiction Paper

Valena Marie Alcantar

BSHS/455 Working with Addictions

August 22, 2016

Dr. Tam Villar

The Effects of Addiction Paper

Unfortunately there are some people who depend on drugs and other addictive substances to fill voids in their life.  These addicts do not even realize that not only are they hurting themselves from the use of drugs or other addictive substances but they are also hurting their family, friends, and their community. This is usually overlooked. Researchers focusing on the role of family relationships in the creation and maintenance of drug-related problems have identified a strong connection between disrupted family relationships and drug addiction (Schafer, 2011).  Growing up I saw several family members struggle with addiction problems and my mom taking custody of their children till they sobered up. It is completely sad how drugs can completely change people and tear families apart.  In the intervention series #38 Anthony video, Anthony is struggling with a cocaine addiction while his family is struggling because they are attempting to deal with his addiction. In this paper I will give a summary of Anthony and discuss how his drug addiction affects his life, his family life, and the community he live in


        Addiction is an adjective that affects all people.  Whether a positive or negative affect on our lives, we all have an addiction. In this case, Anthony was addicted to shooting coke in his veins. What he failed to realize is that he was not only killing himself, but causing collateral damage to his family around him.  Like any family, they only want what’s best for him and that meant treatment to get him off his addiction.

        We have to ask the first question, and that is “What started him on that path of self- destruction?” While growing up, his parents did all they could to give him the love that he needed. Unfortunately, his father already had an addiction that is called gambling.  Though both parents had children before the birth of Anthony, his mother has two daughters that one had an addiction to heroin. When Anthony was in middle school, his sister overdosed on heroin to later die.  That sent Anthony’s mother into a deep depression. While the mother was coping with her loss, Anthony’s father decided to divorce his mother and gamble more.  At that time, Anthony decided to find his “Happy Place” by smoking pot. He started off smoking a small amount, then started coming home high.  His mother did not even notice he would be home high for months. He was not receiving the same love and attention that he received growing up so then he moved on to harder drugs.  It was only when he was shooting heroin in his veins for his family to start to notice him again, and that’s when they made him get help.  Unfortunately at that time, it was too late. He was already addicted to the high he got off of heroin that when he was being treated with methadone, he was still trying to get high.  Anthony found out that shooting coke into his veins won’t be blocked by the methadone treatment which meant that he could get high. His Family was watching him fall deeper down the wrong path and it was costing all of them.


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