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Effects of Organization Culture

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Effects of organization culture will focus on the environment it creates for its workers because that will help encourage a more efficient and productive company. Focusing on building and sustaining organizational culture shows employees that they are considered an important part of the company. This type of company generally has among the best response from its employees and thus will also have a much better chance of achieving its goals.

There are three major reasons for wanting to create an appropriate and positive organizational culture for your company:First, a strong organizational culture will attract high level talent. The high level talent entering corporations want to go to companies that offer opportunities for advancement and to show off their talents.They will strongly consider the companies where the organizational culture appears effective, positive and get along with each other and are united in their goals of making the company better

Secondly, strong culture creates energy and momentum. Once a strong organizational culture is built, it will gain a momentum of its own and will help to allow people to feel valued and express themselves freely. The excitement and energy this will cause will end up being a positive influence that affects every part of the organization.

Thirdly, a strong and successful organizational culture should alter the employees view of work. Most people think of work as boring, aggravating, stressful, etc. Instead of thinking of work as a place you have to go, a solid culture can make employees look forward to work. If the workers love coming into the job, they are going to work harder, and put more effort into any job. A strong and positive organizational culture will help make everyone more efficient and successful. From the lowest mail room worker to the highest CEO, a strong culture helps everyone. A strong organizational culture can breed success, and its importance should not be discounted.



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