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Organization Culture’s Impact on Sharing Knowledge and Knowledge Management

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Research Paper

Organization Culture’s Impact on Sharing Knowledge and Knowledge Management

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Course: ITKM - 505

Submitted To: M. Lohle

Submitted by: Shalin Chheda

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Lesson Learned
  • References


In any organization, the flow of knowledge sharing is very important, as it’s very important to impart knowledge. An organization is known for its practical school of learning, as the subordinates are the future mangers. In an organization the flow of knowledge is a hierarchy form its start from the top goes on till bottom mainly. But it is also necessary that knowledge be shared from top to bottom vice-verse and even from left to right and vice-verse to maintain the smooth flow of communication and synchronization in the organization. These days usually in tech firms it happens the new comers come up with new application or knowledge about programming languages, etc. or in an organization a subordinates may some time come up with new and innovative idea which might help the organization. “Knowledge sharing can occur via written correspondence or face-to-face communications through net working with other experts, or documenting, organizing and capturing knowledge for others” (Cummings 2004). There are advantages and disadvantages when knowledge is shared in an organization. Organization also encourages activities such as community of practices in where knowledge could be shared very smoothly as there is no one to autocrat of what is shared there. These types of activities help the employees to feel free in sharing their ideas and get new and creative concepts, which benefit the organization to develop and create a good working environment in the organization. While sharing knowledge ‘trust’ is very essential. Trust is a very crucial link while sharing knowledge. Sending and receiving should be mutual among individuals while sharing knowledge. “Knowledge, however, is often highly personal, not easily expressed, and thus difficult to share with others” (Kogut and Zander 1992). Knowledge is considered to be an organizations asset and so it’s very important to share it. In class also we discussed about how knowledge is so necessary to shared in an organization, as “Knowledge is Power”. An organization should always encourage and create an environment where sharing knowledge is a must. To be more productive at the workplace, knowledge sharing culture is really crucial. This sharing culture would encourage people to work closely and effectively. Thus an organization should always have an environment of sharing the knowledge. Organizations should encourage their employees to share their knowledge with everyone in the organization to direct knowledge management initiate in work place. Higher-level managers who lead in the organization should understand the culture both on community and work place level.


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