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The Negative Effects of Drug Addiction

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Name: Cañete, Rico Jay Isidore III Reciña                                                           March 14, 2016

The Negative Effects of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction, a problem related to too much use of dangerous amount of drugs, has been a persistent problem in the Philippines. Statistics show that there has been an increase in drug addiction since 2014 (Dangerous Drug Board). As drug addiction increases, it follows the increase of health problem and psychological problems suffered by the drug users.

Health problem is one of the unfriendly effects of drug addiction. One effect is brain damage; its primary cause is hypertension due to excessive intake of psychoactive drug and derivatives. And eventually causes the body to have a cerebrovascular accident, or also known as stroke. Another cause of health problem is contracting HIV, hepatitis, and other illnesses (Batar, 2015). The primary pathology of this cause is sharing hypodermic needles that are infected by HIV-virus, transactional sex, and using an intravenous drug.  And it can lead to greater neuronal injury and cognitive impairment. In general, substance-use disorder can cause our body to have this disease and can make our body unshaped.

Another negative effect of drug addiction is a psychological problem. The most common psychological problem is a hallucination. This effect affects the brain to have a false sense perception; it is something that somebody imagines seeing, hearing, or otherwise sensing when it is not really happening at the period. Another mental problem of drug addiction is anxiety. Once a drug addict is in a state of anxiousness, he is experiencing sweating, nervousness, fear, and an overwhelming sense of apprehension.


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