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Do Video Games Have a Negative Effect on Children's Behavior

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Do Video Games Have a Negative Effect on Children's Behavior

Today, video games are becoming the primary entertainment tools for the kids. According to the research from Turner Media Innovations, "98 % of children now have a games console in their home." (Handley 20). Moreover, video games are more famous and popular for children. There are many categories of video games that are really entertaining for children, such as role-playing games, strategy, sports, first-person shooter, or simulation. Therefore, children face numerous variations of video games today. Many people believe that video games are harmful for children and have less positive effects. Although some people believe that video games have negative effects on children behavior, there is some evidence that video games yield positive effects. Opponents of video games feel that playing video games expose the children to aggressive behavior. In other words, they think that there is a relationship between aggressive behavior and video games. A study by Dorman in 1997 showed that playing video games could lead children to the aggressive behaviors, which are similar to those portrayed in the game. However, the research is deficient and unconvincing. As stated in an article in the Journal of Economist that called "Breeding Evil" in 2005, most of the research about video games and its effect on negative behavior were unsatisfactory (7). Just as stated in Journal of Economist, research at the Indiana University School concluded, "No conclusive evidence that video games caused aggressive behavior" (Quoted in Gilad 3). In other words, they clarified that not video games in general could contribute to aggressive behavior. Furthermore, we can conclude that not all of video games are harmful. Moreover, The Economist said, "Frequent playing of violent game had no effect on level of aggression in participants." (3). Also, during the period in which video games has become widespread, violent crime and violent behavior has decreased by half (The Economist 3). Thus, if video games really made people produce violent behavior, this case might be show up in the figures. Opponents also claim that playing video games can make the children become more isolated. This means that the


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