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Bshs 455 - the Effects of Addiction

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The Effects of Addiction


July 25, 2016

Jamie Laurson

The Effects of Addiction

        Whether people know it or not, everyone is effected by the addictions of those with substance abuse problems. Knowing how to spot addiction and knowing where to get help can lead to those addicted getting help. This uses a video to describe the effects of one man’s addiction on himself, his family, and his community.

Video Description

        Anthony is the youngest member of a large family (Intervention #38, 2006). His mother and father are divorced and all the children are adults. Anthony lost an older sister to a heroin addiction and another sister is estranged from the family also due to a heroin addiction. Anthony first experimented with marijuana after his parents’ divorce when his mother was suffering from the loss of his sister that overdosed on heroin. His feelings of emotional neglect and his isolation left him vulnerable to begin using substance abuse. He currently intravenously uses cocaine and is on methadone for a previous heroin addiction. The video shows the effects of Anthony’s addiction on himself, his family, and the community (Intervention #38, 2006).

Effects on Anthony, His Family, and the Community

        Anthony’s drug use effects everyone, even those who not affiliated with him (Intervention #38, 2006). First, Anthony has directly affected his own life due to the effects of his substance abuse. When he was younger, Anthony was very involved and very good at baseball. His addiction have left him with no desire to participate in sports. While all his brother were given pizza restaurants, Anthony does not own a restaurant due to his substance abuse. Anthony stated he has nothing of value in his life because he spends everything on drugs and appears to not have any sense of responsibility.  He spends time working at his brother’s restaurant earning money. Yet, he is not paid directly so he will not spend it all on drugs (Intervention #38, 2006). 

        Addiction causes dishonesty, deception, loss of values and morals (McNeece & DiNitto, 2013). Anthony shows all these signs (Intervention #38, 2006). He is being dishonest with his family. He is deceitful including stealing paychecks from his brother’s restaurant which also shows a loss in his values and morals. He uses the money he receives from working to get high and then tries to find a way to get more drugs including considering robbing someone (Intervention #38, 2006).

Anthony experiences side effects from his drug use (Intervention #38, 2006). Immediately following the intense high, he experiences paranoia. He gets very jumpy and is in fear that the cops will find him and he will be arrested. He experiences physical symptoms including sweating and a pounding heart. He has been stabbed, hospitalized, and has had bad reactions to drugs. He suffers from emotional symptoms including remorse, regret, and shame.


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