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Social Media and Contemporary Communication

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Part 1 Goal

 The researcher would like to determine rationales behind the voluntary isolation as a result of increased use of social media which has already integrated into daily life. It is a critical issue for any individual who aspire to comprehend the correlation of social media and social life of people in general as well as how social media influence our decision. Therefore, The study would primarily concentrate on major factors that influence and foster the culture of self-imposed isolation in the era of interconnected society and in particular in to which degrees does social media have deviated from its original role as a facilitators of communication.

Part 2 Research Question

The research process would be completed when all of the following questioned are answered

1.What are the factors that influence social media users?

2.What is the primary objective of the social media users?

3.There are many social media application available in the market. Which one is the most popular amongst the selected sample?

4.Does the socio-economic status affect the use of social media? and if so to what extent?

5.Is there any implication of deviation from the local culture? How does it influence the way people in Thailand use it that is different from its foreign counterparts?

6.In which area does social media impose a heavy effect upon its users ? and vice vesa

7.Does social media constitutes a potential threat to a right to be forgotten?

8. Could online-bullying be counted as a factor for voluntary isolation?

9.Does social media allow ourselves to be unconsciously exposed to the public?

10.Does crimes originating from identity threat hindered anyone from using social media?

11.What is the major challenge for using social media after a traumatising experience?

12.Is online fraud and other relevant scams also a motivation for self-imposed exile?

13.Is the deterioration of the concept of work-life balance due to social media a relevant factor ? and how does the concept relate to the isolation?

14.Are people content connecting with friends and family all the time? Does it considered as an advantage or personal disturbance sometimes?

15.Prior to a complete voluntary isolation,Is there any implication of such consequences?

16.Does being under the impression that physical encounter enable you to completely substitute online presence on social media? if so in what degree ?


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