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Rousseau Review

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Faurot in the essay entitled Rousseau, exams the writtings of the before mentioned philosopher and his social contract. The author breaks down his writings into five key elements. The first being the decision of order dealing with nature and the importantance of a family unit and morality. Rousseau second element is freedom, which discusses the existence of three kinds of liberty. Faurot dives into the third element of Rousseau's writing asking why individuals decided to give up individual liberites inorder to be citizens. The author concludes the essay with a brief history lesson exploring the thoughts and historical context and thought processes of Rousseau.

During the reading the author explores many reasons why people choice to lose small individual rights in order to join a civilized community. Rousseau believes that political order is artificial and it when men enter into compacts and delegate the duties that they understand the moral good that they will benefit from. The author goes on to inform the reader of Rousseau's three forms of liberty. Natural Liberty or the ability of an individual to use his own resources and talents to gather everything he would need. Civil Liberties or the rights and abilities a person would receive from a state such as the deed to a piece of land and the rights that state has to defend his property. The idea of moral freedom an idea that states that men must care about good government and put the concerns of the state before their own. Rousseau uses the term general will of the people to explain elections and public opinion. I found it interesting that Rousseau also argues that the general will should not be making specific policies. Rousseau believes those tasks should be left an admistrator or expert.

Rousseau used the idea of justice as a reason to submit to the state. His Arugement is based on the idea that a person will safer in the care of the state then out by themselves. According the


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