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The Movie Review - "my Name Is Khan"

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My name is Khan

The movie "My name is Khan" is manages to be emotional, moving, and very funny at the same time. Mandria (Kajol) and Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) on-screen chemistry is beyond words and Rizwan's performance as a man with autism is unbelievable. It is very easy to see how these two characters can fall in love with each other despite their differences and the film makes a good case for inter-religious tolerance and love across borders.

The movie was written by Karan Johar for the first time tries something beyond normal stuff of melodramas and song sequences. The theme is a noble one and is being weaved in the most intricate and delicate manner; Strong enough to melt any hard heart. The movie is an eye-opener to the society that has been forced to believe to some degree or other that most of the global terrorists are Muslims. The movie propagates that Islam like any other religion stands for peace and harmony and strongly condemns violence.

"My name is Khan" is the story of Rizwan and his sincere effort to uphold the dignity of Muslims, growing with the mental challenge of Asperger's syndrome. Rizyan learns the lessons of humanity from his mother as he spend his childhood in India. He is taken up by his brother (Jimmy Shergil) and his sister-in-law (Sonya Jehan) to the United States after the death of his mother. While he assists his brother in selling his herbal beauty products door to door, when he meet his love Mandira the gorgeous hair-dresser who happens to be a Hindu widow with a six-years-old child. Despite a man leery of trying new painfully awkward around people, who can't make eye contact, prone to head-bobbing, neuroses, and repeating what other say, deathly afraid of the color yellow. Rizwan secure a place in the heart of Mandira and eventually wins her as his wife. They moved to the suburbs and are fully integrated in their multiethnic community, until


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