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Movie Review: Jumper

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Movie Review:


Jumper is a sci-fi movie about a guy who teleports from one place to another. The movie starts when a mother-less high school guy named David(Christensen), bullied by his classmates, drowned on a thin-iced river and to save his own self, he jumps and discovers that he can transport himself to any place in the world. On that same day he learned that he can teleport; he then left his own town and went to New York City to start a new life. There he learned to rob bank vaults and eventually, became a target to an underground government group called Paladins. Paladins are the group of people who chase the jumpers. One day after going to the Big Ben tower in London, hanging-out with a girl on the British pub, surfing in Fiji, and having snack on the top of a sphinx in Egypt, he went home and found out the someone else went inside his apartment and it was Roland. Roland is the antagonist of the story and he is a Paladin. Eight years being in New York, since he first rob a bank, he was already hunted by Roland (Jackson). Knowing about Roland, he met Griffin, a European jumper who knows a lot about Paladins, whom he met while touring his girlfriend Millie (Bilson) at the Rome Coliseum. Griffin warns David to keep his girlfriend on a safe place and stay away as much as possible. He said this because knowing the Paladins; they kill all the people who know about you until they get you.

I like this movie personally because of the effects and the story line itself. You can obviously see the romance and action genre. Christensen gives the movie a very good portrayal which makes the girls watch it. It is a must-watch for all the people who love sci-fi and action plus romance all in one


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