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I Am Sam - Movie Review

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The movie I Am Sam is about a mentally challenged man, named Sam, who had daughter, named Lucy, in which the mother has abandoned both Sam and Lucy. Sam works and supports his daughter by working at Starbucks and developes a very nature father-daughter relationship with Lucy. Problems start to occur when Lucy turns 7 years old and starts learning things that are above Sam's head in school. Lucy's teacher starts to notice Lucy holding herself back as to not out smart her own father.

I believe that in some cases it is completely exceptable for a mentally challenged parent to raise their child. I believe that for a mentally challenged person to raise their child on their own, they would need the capibility to love and support both themselves and their child finacially. I think another important aspect needed for a mentaly challenged person to raise their child is a support system, even one as small as the one Sam had (I believe) can make all the difference in the world. Now if a person is unable to love or support themselves and has no "normal" significant other, I do not believe that they should be able to support a child. I believe without these things a child is not given a chance to properly develop and receive nessicary stability for the beginning stages of life.

Lucy's dilemma of having a father that was mentally challenged didnt arise until her mental capabilities started to surpass that of her fathers. It starts when Lucy begins to start reading better than her father. She starts to realize that her father isnt all there. Instead of pushing through and reading what was assigned to her, she reverts back to "Green Eggs And Ham" a book in her fathers skill level. Lucy also starts having problems when her classmates start realizing that there is something different about Lucy's father. When the other children start making fun of Lucy's father and questioning if she is like him, Lucy lies and claims to


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