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Requiem for a Dream - Movie Review

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Essay of the movie named: ´´Requiem For a Dream´´

Natalia sicard Garcia




Requiem for a dream is a movie that presents teams that happens in real life, it shows how the obsessions get a person to the deep of the abyss.

In the case of this movie the factors were drugs, sex and beauty.

All in this story with harry, a young men that lived with his mother, the name of his mother was Sara, she lives in tormented because she saw her body so fat and she wanted to fulfill her greater illusion: to appear in its favorite televising contest and for that she had to be thin. Harry had a girlfriend named Marion, she lived with the money her parents gave to she, but her parents didn't live with she, she was one of the girl that nowadays we named ´´girl without parents´´ having she one´s, but that phrase make reference at the ones who have parents but it doesn't notes because of the way ´´he-she´´ affronts live.

Whatever returning to the previous thing harry and Marion wanted to have a better life harry refers to money, and Marion wanted to get independent, she didn't want the presence of her parents in her life, and for being independent she needs money so , they wanted to became rich by selling drug with its Tyrone friend and to use the gains in order to open their own business, but drugs became more strong than they, because their start to consume them until they get addicts of this dangerous factor.

their problems were so strong their resentments in their hearts were very strong, they wanted to escape from reality thinking that they were more strong than drugs, but drugs won them because they get in them and they needed them in order to survive, the sensation of drugs maked them felt happy, maked them forgot their problems, the reality in wich they lived, and drugs started to became their best friend. Health doesn't matter drugs was first. Image and respect for theirself doesn't matter, drugs was first.

The obsession of having a perfect life , the obsession of the money, the obsession of the happiness ends with the future of this persons, but this persons, Harry and Marion do not resign themselves to live an existence who consider despicable, reason why they maked the unthinkable thing to secure the life that they yearn for. But things happened totally different, at the other side, of the idea

Counting Harry´s mother she had the guide of a bad doctor, that recommended she to took tablets in orther to became thinner


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