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Movie Review - the God Father Don Vito Compared with Micheal Calreone

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Muhammad Bilawal

26th Oct2010

Compare and contrast

The Godfather

The movie "Godfather" was based on two main characters, Don Vito Corleone and his son Michael Corleone who live a very classical Italian/American mafia life. Their characters have powerful symbolism on power, fearless personality and respect; however between the two characters there are only few major differences and have a lot in more common as they say "like father, like son." However, the differences are poignant in the father and son's characters in the series, from one having a whole setup in control and the other losing everything due to anger and rage.

Don Vito Corleone's character is based on the head of a mafia family who made their name from rags to riches by dealing with drugs, gambling, murders/hit money and as funny as it sounds classic Italian restaurants. He symbolizes power and strength and class of his own. The power he depicted in the movie was huge, he had control over the government system i.e. police, trade and city territories. His power made him strong and he was respected greatly among the others which is shown as the main characteristic in the movie. Despite his strict attributes, Don Vito has a small soft spot which is very unlikely from such a man, he would donate celebrate events and help the people in need. In the beginning; his character is a hard worker who lost his job due to his race hence to bring food on the he took "an offer he couldn't refuse," Don Vito Corleone, Godfather I. His character changes after a murder of a community leader or Don. The first kill changed his aspect on how people live, that to survive you need to be superior and greater than the rest. Keeping that motive in mind, it wasn't long before he started living the "American dream,"


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