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The Class - Entre Les Murs - Movie Review

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The Class – Entre Les Murs

The movie The Class was inventive, diverse, unique, but somewhat difficult to understand at times. Partly because of the spoken French and subtitles, but also because you were left to assume things and nothing was ever clearly explained and literal translation of the spoken French does not translate well into English. However the lack of explanation allows the viewer to wonder about the background and why each of the characters acts in the manner that they do.

Throughout the movie, I was able to grasp numerous situations discussing families, particularly impressions of transnational families and immigration, ranging from complete family moves to implied partial moves by other families. I was also able to follow other situations of what I believe was people displaying optional and symbolic ethnicities due to the large amount of nationalities within the classroom and specifically the question of supporting a particular soccer team depending on their ethnicity or who the students chose to associate with.

Transnational families, essentially defined as not the act of cross border movement, but the dispersion of the family across international borders depending on various factors, were shown both between Wei's family and Soulyeman's family. In the movie, Wei's family was together in France, but his mother was found to be an illegal immigrant in which a hearing was set for deportation back to China. However, the movie never clarified if she did in fact get deported. The teachers also brought up Wei's father, and whether or not he would be deported as well, but they stated that β€˜He didn't bother anyone' so the chances were unlikely. In Kibria's article (Migration and Vietnamese American Women – Remaking Ethnicity), it stated that "women were the "gatekeepers" to the family group and household", which because of the lack of clarification, makes you wonder the functionality of the family once Wei's mother was deported.

In Soulyeman's family, the only time that his


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