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State of Play - Movie Review

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State Of Play

The movie State of Play is one of those thought provoking, political type of films. The film is based around the governments mischievous ways, the decline of the newspaper industry, and infidelity. The main characters are Ben Afflack as congressmen Stephen Collins, Russell Crowe as reporter Cal Mcaffery, Rachel McAdams as blogger Della Frye, and Helen Mirren as the editor of the newspaper covering the drama that unfolds throughout the movie. The film was shot in Washington D.C., giving the story a true government feel.

The film is based around the death of Sonia Baker. Baker was the mistress of Ben Afflack's character, as well as the lead researcher on his staff. At a press conference announcing the death of Baker, Afflack tears up. At that very moment, speculations start to arise about the true relationship between Afflack and the young women. Crowe and McAdams then take on the story for the fictitious newspaper, Washington Globe.

This film brings to light some of the inside workings, and the conniving day to day happenings in the government that the public does not see. All the while, the death of the newspaper industry is tied along into the plot. Helen Mirren's character is pushing for the story that will gain her publication recognition for breaking the story first. The director made that point evident when Mirren's chracter becomes enraged over a story that Crowe and McAdams had first, but get to television because the two reporters did not want to release it yet. Not to be forgotten is the case of infidelity on the behalf of Afflack's character. To me, this part of the story is similar to the Clinton and Lewinsky issue. Does the relationships between a political figure and his staff remain strictly business, or more personal?

This kind of movie depicts how filmmakers feel towards the government, news media, and politician relationships. They are pretty much saying the government is always involved in some shady business, and finds it ways to cover them up. They depicted the news media as they truly are. Stressed over the next big story, and going over the lines of right and wrong for the inside scoop. This is evident in the flim when Crowe goes into the evidence of the slain thief, to find some connection with the murder of him and the murder of Baker. In reality this is wrong, but in order to gain the upper hand, journalist will stoop this low. As stated previously, the relationship between Afflack and his lead researcher, is very similar to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, The writers must feel that the young woman who work for these political figures, take their relationships as more than just business.

The commentary concerning infidelity among politicians and the shady business ways is not common anymore, but the news media aspect is still relevant. The scenes in which Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, and Russel Crowe sat in the office


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