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Health and Social Care

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Hannah Compton

Unit 44

P4 – Demonstrating an ability to reflect on own contributions to work in health and social care settings.

While being in my placements, I have had to work in a team multiple times. One time that I have had to work in a team is in my nursery placement. This is because they are in such big groups, there needs to be a group of teachers to help lead the children in nearly everything that they do. This being when they are playing, eating or even reading a story. I have had to work in a team with each of these scenarios when working in the nursery. I had to work in a team when playing outside because there was such a big group of children and we had to ensure that each of the children were safe. I also had to work as a team at lunch times because if one child didn’t want to eat then the others would begin to copy and also not want to eat. We also had to work as a team and dot ourselves around the group to stop the children from becoming too distracting towards others.

There was a child in this placement who was really behind in their speech. Speech-language pathologists, often informally known as speech therapists, are professionals educated in the study of human communication, its development, and its disorders. (, 2018) This is so that they would come into the nursery and help teach and prompt the child to talk. They would have little individual sessions with the child to ensure that the child is being taught properly with no distractions.

When starting at this placement, I had to provide them with a DBS check. This is so that they can see if I have anything on my criminal record which would stop me from working with children. (GOV.UK, 2018) This is to ensure the child’s safety. I also had to cohere with the policies and procedures of the nursery. This being with the fire exits for example. I had to learn where all the nearest fire exits were and what to do if there was an emergency in that situation. I also had to learn their policies when working with the children like not speaking about them outside of the school or sharing information.


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