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Psychological Perspectives in Health and Social Care

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 BTEC  Level 3  Diploma in Health and Social Care

Unit 8:  Psychological Perspectives in Health and Social Care

Hand out date: 12/9/2013

Unit information

This unit highlights the different psychological perspectives and encourages you to apply these approaches to the study of health and social care. The value of psychological studies to the understanding of health and social care will also be examined.

You will consider the meaning of the term ‘theories’ in the context of psychology, and will begin to appreciate the diversity of psychological theories as you progress through the unit.

On completion of this unit you will have considered the psychological approach to studying health and social care. The unit encourages reflection, and will be valuable top particularly if you are intending to work with people in a caring capacity.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit you should:

1, Understand psychological perspectives

2, Understand psychological approaches to health and social care


Task 1: Booklet

To be handed in:  23/10/2013


P1 Explain the principle psychological perspectives

M1 assess different psychological approaches to study



You are a psychology student who would like to have a career as an educational psychologist. You must create an information booklet that contains the following information,

For P1 you must, use psychological terminology to explain each of the following psychological perspectives:

  • Behaviourist
  • Social Learning
  • Psychodynamic
  • Humanistic
  • Cognitive/information processing
  • Biological

In order to achieve M1 you must assess each of the perspectives

You will need to refer to the terms introduced in class. For example, refer to reinforcement, conditioning, culture, self fulfilling prophecy, role theory, actualisation etc Descriptions do not need to be lengthy – approximately 150 words for each perspective would be a good guide. Provide examples from your own personal or placement experience to show full understanding.

Task 2: Spider diagrams

To be handed: 22/11/2013

(PTLS CT4 IE3; CT2;CT4; SM3;)

P2  Explain different psychological approaches to health practice


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