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Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care

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BTEC  Level 3  Health and Social Care

Unit(s) covered

Unit 8:  Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care


Leanne Barrass

Date issued

Interim Deadline

Final deadline

Duration (approx)

Assignment title

Assignment 1: Psychological Perspectives

Learning aims covered

Learning outcome 1: Understand psychological perspectives

Criteria Covered

P1 & M1

Explain the principal psychological perspectives

Assess different Psychological approaches to study.


You are a psychology student who would like to have a career as an educational psychologist. On your work experience placement you have been asked to investigate the need for a new therapy and counselling centre for the local people in Birmingham. You need to produce a booklet that explains and assess the psychological perspectives.

Task 1

  • Explain all 6 principle psychological perspectives in detail in the table below:
  • Explain all six perspectives and measure them against each other in relation to study. You could look at how well each approach explains behaviour in relation to learning e.g. education or workplace learning.
  • Assess positive and negatives about each perspective
  • Do they miss out alternative explanations?

For example

Why do we not always perform a behaviour that we have learned by observing others?        

  • Does one perspective work better than the others in a particular case?

Make sure you explain all six perspectives in detail.


Main points







Unconditioned Response

Unconditioned Stimulus

Conditioned Stimulus

Conditioned Response

Skinner theory (operant conditioning)

Pavlov theory (classical conditioning)

Social Learning

Effects of other individuals, groups, culture and society in the behaviour of individuals

Self-fulfilling prophecy


Role theory

Bandura theories (learning by observation)


Importance of the unconscious mind

Mental Iceberg

ID, Ego, Superego

Importance of early experiences

Ego defence mechanisms


Freud – Psycho-sexual Stages of Development


Psycho –social Stages of Development



Maslow’s hierarchy of needs





  • .

Cognitive/information processing





Maturational theory/ Gesell

Importance of genetic influences on behaviour

Influence of nervous and endocrine systems on behaviour

Evidence you must produce for this task

Completed booklet


Sources of information

Text Books

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ISBN 9780003224764

Haworth H, Higgins H, Hoyle H, Lavers S and Lewis C, BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care (Pearson 2010), ISBN

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Psychology Review

Websites British Psychological Society Simple Psychology


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