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Health and Social Care

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I would offer to offer to go with Mina to visit a ‘Cooking Pots' session to meet the organiser and other parents, and make sure in advance that the organiser will have time to talk with Mina about the group.

2. How will Mina get there?

How much will it cost? Can Mina afford it?

What day of the week and what time are the sessions? Is this convenient?

If Mina is the only Asian woman, how will she feel about this?

Will the group be sensitive to Mina's culture? For example, will the menus be appropriate to Mina's way of cooking? If not, what can be done?

Will there be any communication difficulties? How might these be resolved?

Mina has expressed an interest in meeting other local parents, and assisting her to do this will help her to feel in control – even though there may be some difficulties to overcome. As Mina already has cooking skills she may be able to share these with the other parents

4. It will be necessary to explore whether Mina feels confident enough about her English to take part in the group by herself, or whether there is another woman who speaks the same language and can go with her.

Mina has expressed an interest in this community activity, so I could help her to explore whether this option meets her needs. As things progress, I can check with Mina and the group organiser that the group is meeting her needs and that Mina is getting any additional support required


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