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Unit 22 Research Methodology Health and Social Care Level 3 Ext Dip Assignment 1

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Throughout this assignment I will give a brief overview of the history surrounding health promotion, for example the 3 landmarks and the 2 health educators. I will then go onto explain what the three different approaches are and how the impact health. I will conclude this assignment, by picking a health campaign, giving an overview, what approach was used and how it was used.

Alma Ata: This landmark see that health should been seen as an overall wellbeing which includes physical, mental and social health, rather than ‘being free from disease or illness. The right to health care and to be health is a part of the human rights legislation. Health should be the main focus in a person’s life. To make sure an individual’s health remains intact, actions should also be taken by the social and economic sectors as well as the health sectors. Even though your health should be your main focus, sometimes there are not the facilities to allow you to do so, for instance in some areas who have a low funding, there will not be a high standard of health care or a great deal of services available. Also, even if there are plenty of services available, who’s to say that the individuals have the information about the services available? There are six main promotions by this landmark:

  1. Primary Health care in all countries should be encouraged.
  2. Information on the development of primary health care within the NHS should be discussed.
  3. Primary health care can improve and relate to present health and health care around the world, this should be looked at.
  4. The principles of primary health care should be outlined, to try and overcome problems in the development of primary health care.
  5. Roles of national, governments and international organisations in practical support and provision for the progression of primary health care should be outlined.
  6. To raise recommendations for the progression of primary health care.

There are problems which this landmark has focused on, one of them being the education and the ways to stop and control about main health problems.

But did it work? This did not work, due to the primary health care not being able to reach its goals, because experts in the developing countries refused to accept that communities should be allowed to organise their own health care sectors. The government said that they should prevent those who were ‘well’ before treating those who were unwell because they would be more productive and cost-effective. These complications led to the failure of this landmark, because the goal, health for all by 2000 was not achieved.


Health for all year 2000: This landmark was created when the World Health Assembly said that the World health association and the government should create a goal, ‘health for all by 2000’. This means that all health professionals should make sure that all health care services are available and accessible to all. By this is does not always have to mean having a nurse or doctor on hand for everyone, but it can also means that health care is provided in all settings such as in a nursery they may have a nursery nurse, and a primary school will have a first aid kit and a first aider. It doesn’t matter what setting, and it doesn’t matter how the health care is presented, as long as there is healthcare provision for all service users. People should also look at how they themselves can prevent illnesses and disease.


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