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Research in Health and Social Care

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Unit 22: Research in Health and Social Care.

Assignment Criteria: Explain the Function of Research in Health and Social Care. Discuss Ethical Issues Relating to Research in the Health and Social Care Sectors. Discuss the Function of Research in a Chosen Area of Interest.

Before I begin to conduct my own 'research' project I would like to establish an understanding of what the term 'research' is defined as, it's functions in general; and in relation to the differrent divisions and sectors of the health and social care industry.

According to Oxford Dictionaries (2015) Research can be defined as the systematic investigation into issues that have been raised concerning either; a matter relating specifically to a certain topic, contriversial issue or it can be conducted in order for us to discover possible alternative solutions to sources that have already been developed and applied applied.

In regards to the Health and Social Care, the importance of research and application is significant, as it can for instance be used to;

  • Examine topics which hold a ceratin amount of value
  • Extend and improve areas of knowledge, understanding and reflection
  • It can aid professionals in identifiying their service users individual needs
  • Inform and improve the current practices and polcies applied as part of a service in the sector
  • To Monitor Porgress
  • To ensure that professonals can both plan provisions and bring to the light the gaps that are present within current provisions

Identifiying Needs

When the term 'Individual Needs' or just the word 'needs' singularly a majority of professionals may assume that it referes to the needs of their clients, when actually it maybe about assessing their colleagues or their own individual needs as a staff member for a health and social care service. There are many examples where reserach has been conduced regarding this issue of needs, for both service users and for the health and social care professionals repersenting this industry. Doctors for example may develop a medical 'History' for newly refered patients at an initial consultation which will require measuremants of their patients blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic) to record the value of their resting pulse rate, or even a smple of their blood to identify any abnormalitites which will require extra analysis and after care (if necessary). Carrying out an assessment of a clients capabilities and issues that they may have bathing themselves and getting dressed unassisted, will allow the administrators to identify these extra needs which are required in regards to the resident's individual personal care needs, and apply the current practices they have to ensure that these are meet. It may be apparent that individuals needs of one service service may be similar to that of  a group of others, and so this can be interpreted by staff that this group with similar needs can be achieved by using the same practices. This instance inparticular highlights where research is necessary, as this study into this issue will allow professionals to carefully analyse the benefits that are recieved by the clients themselves if this new treatment is applied, and the overall effect it will have concerning the care that is being recieved (Stretch and Whitehouse, 2010).


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