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Health Care Industry Changes in the Last 10 Years

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Health Care Industry

Health Care Industry

Over the last 10 years health care change was modest until 2008. Health care during 2004 through 2008 health care made minor changes in Medicare coverage’s but did expand the prescription drug coverage. In 2007 a proposal was issued for guaranteeing access to coverage in the individual health insurance market and a proposal for improving the quality and safety of the U.S. health care system. Public plans in 2008 managing cost control were introduced due to a survey that revealed Medicare medical spending rose 4.6% p.a. compared 7.3% for private health in the 10 years from 1997 through 2006. Other plans introduced in 2008 were that public insurance has better payment and quality improvement methods based on its large databases, new payment approaches, and care-coordination strategies. Obama care was passed in a watered down version in 2011 this plan has yet to be implemented to manadate health care coverage.

The biggest change over the next decade will be the health care delivery system such as health care insurance the current health care insurance system is not sustainable considering the economy and the rate of inflation and costs. A health care system that can meet the needs of the population and require less from the federal budget will be needed. Technology will also be the biggest change technology will advance to compensate for some of the decline in available healthcare staff and the impending amount of health care staff that are soon to retire. One example of impending advancement that Japan is working on is robotic health care assistants to lift heavier patients with more ease. Other robotic technological advancements are physical therapy limb assistants (AFP, 2011).

I am open currently as to what role I will serve within the industry I have interest in developing myself further in human resources or management. I have also looked into project management becoming involved in medical building expansions and new medical campuses, facilities planning perked my interest and I do not feel my educational path is quite done now that I have new interests to explore. I definitely want to see if I can play an active role in helping in the formation or promotion of a universal health care system for this country. The primary role I want to serve within the health care industry is to improve the delivery of health care to the people who need it. In some way I want to be involved in a role that serves those who are disadvantaged but in need of health care.

As the industry evolves I will adapt my skills by continually educating myself on the advances and changes in the health care industry. When new technology is introduced I will take the initiative to enroll in training for the


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