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Health Care office Solutions Inc

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CASE Health Care Office Solutions, Inc.

Problems Existing in HCOS and Recommended Solutions

1. Problem:

a. HCOS begin to lose new business at an increasing rate, and competitors like

Adiministaff were winning contracts over HCOS.

b. HCOS got customers' complaint about the less consideration and unsatisfied job of their salespeople.

2. Reason:

HCOS not only functions as doing the printing job, but also more to the offices duties besides printing. HCOS is handling not only the printing but the stuffing, sorting, and fulfillment of their invoices, patient reminders and other mailing tasks.

The number of tasks may be large, and salespeople might have not take balance between their accomplishments of sales quotas and customer's satisfaction. In a more specifically perspective, these may lead to late or mistake orders, weakness of service tracking orders, poor quality products and decreasing reputation among the industry.

3. Recommended Solutions:

a. The most important thing is to set up a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Specifically, in each personal selling activity, the salesperson can try to apply the Breakdown Method and Workload Method to their daily work, so as to maintain their time and consideration to each class of customers. Use some advance techniques to overcome the mass of customer relationship jobs, like application of MIS and Customer Software.

b. Evaluation of customer services should be made timely and completely. Each salesperson's performances components should include not only his sales index, but also his customer satisfaction. Set up a department or position to manage the customer complaint and salespeople's


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