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Health Care Information Systems

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Health care information systems

Information systems have been applied recently in the health care system to aid in the automation of the services offered in the health care system. Project management in the health care system is a vital tool in ensuring that projects attain the intended objective. The implementation of project management in the health care arena brings about project completion and realization of the benefits accrued to the project (Austin,&Boxerman, 2003).

The health care information and management systems society (HIMSS) constitutes of a project management special interest group whose purpose is to avail opportunities that can allow professional enhancement and allow health care project managers to work together. This objective can be achieved through provision of a real-time and also virtual networking environment to allow effective communication, holding of annual HIMSS conferences that are mainly focused on project management and providing education on project management in health care facilities.

Sharing of information and ideas can also be achieved by availing channels of access to other mangers’ templates and tools used in management to aide project management in health care. The most important thing however is to set up a resource centre or library where materials and information related to project management can be found.

The process of project management is achieved at different stages and with the aid of health information systems it can be achieved more effectively. Organisations in the health care arena use the project portfolio management which is a tool used to explain the ways used to analyse and collectively manage a set of proposed or current projects to attain the objectives of the organisation (Austin,&Boxerman, 2003). The key objective of the information technology project management portfolio is to determine the optimal sequencing of proposed projects.

The definition stage of project management entails the definition of all project requirements; an inventory of the projects details, equipment’s and infrastructure is well documented. This will enable central management and coordination of the project (Austin,&Boxerman,


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