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Human Resources - Health Care Industry

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The health care industry is one that has been constant and has increased within the past years. Due to the increase in new technology, the health care industry has flourished. Due to the economy being in the state it’s in, the health care industry has taken over employment. The article “What’s Really Propping Up the Economy” suggests that the health care industry has taken over the labor market. Because of this the economy is not balanced. According to the article a well balanced economy needs to provide a variety of jobs. Due to the fact that this variety is not being provided the United States GDP is overstated. The popularity of the healthcare industry is due to the demand for labor that has decreased to due to the economic recession.

The factors associated with globalization that have decimated jobs in the manufacturing sector of the economy but had less impact on the health care industry include push-pull factors associated with migration. The migration of health care is a result of the interplay of economic, social, cultural, political and legal forces. Supply push factors are issues and conditions that cause health care workers to be dissatisfied with their work and careers in their home country. Demand pull factors are conditions in which destinations countries that motivate workers to migrate. The decimation of jobs didn’t affect the health care industry due to pull factors. These factors include: better compensation, better working conditions, safer work environments, greater career opportunities, better quality of life, political stability, and greater opportunities for children.

Capital investments and the use of technology in the health care sector of the economy differs from the manufacturing sector due to the fact these investments are furthering health care. According to the article, Hakon Hakonarson works for the new Center for Applied Genomics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. At this Center Hakonarson uses cutting edge automated technology to analyze hundreds of DNA samples from hospital patients and their parents per day. This data is aimed to understand the genetic causes of childhood disease and determine which children will respond best to which drugs. He has employed 10 people from this capital investment. This is not the only type of capital investment that has allowed the health care industry to employ millions of people. Because of


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