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"the World Is Flat”? What Does That Statement Portend for Specific Industries like Health Care, Petrochemicals and Business to Business Services?

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Friedman believes the world is flat in the sense that the competitive playing field between industrial and emerging market countries is leveling; and that individual entrepreneurs as well as companies, both large and small, are becoming part of a large, complex, global supply chain extending across oceans, with competition spanning entire continents. As he moves towards the end of this presentation of his theory, Friedman warns of the forces that could seriously harm or slow the flattening of the world. His perspective is refreshing in a media driven largely by scare tactics and fear mongering as he encourages a realistic and objective approach to this threat.

On the basis of the statement that how it signifies healthcare industry is pretty understandable. Now-a-days, not only corporate medical centers, hospitals, or clinics are prevailing in the market, but also there are lots of individual or family owned medical centers, hospitals, and clinics are available. This competition are getting increasingly high day by day due to their unique competitive advantages in the management and decision makings. Patients from different classes choose their interested healthcare centers based on their needs. As the corporate owned healthcare centers are a bit expensive than the individually owned, therefore, patients are rushing to individually owned healthcare centers if the condition is not that serious, by which individually owned healthcare centers are getting more and more revenues and competing at its best. That’s why Friedman’s believe regarding the world is flat is true.

For the petrochemical industry, most of the natural energy mines in USA are owned by corporates, whereas most of the natural energy mines in Middle East are owned by individual entrepreneurs. As an example of today’s world situations, oil prices are totally controlled by Middle East and that is individual businessmen. Corporate Oil and Gas industries can’t do


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