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Marketing Management and the Critical Analysis Representing the Core Values and Applications Associated with the Health Care and Also in the Business Industry

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Marketing Management

Table of Contents


Background of the Topic        

Understanding Competitive Advantage        

The way marketing philosophy and approach benefit the organization        

Anderson and Competitior        

Value Chain or the way it is being served        

Positioning nd differentiation can  be improved        

Segmentation and Effectiveness        

Actions needed to be implemented        

Market Positioning, targeting and IMC        




This report is all about the marketing management and the critical analysis representing the core values and applications associated with the health care and also in the business industry. Taking the context of Anderson several aspects and approaches have been made focusing on the core competitiveness and their ways of sustaining in the business operation. To highlight the basic aspects, theories and several other frameworks the reflective understanding and applications will be made within the report for the overall placement and application for the research in an effective manner. With reflection to the in depth highlight and analysis a reflective and appropriate framework will be made to cover the core areas associated with the competitive factors.

Background of the Topic

Marketing Management has derived from several aspects including the marketing and its integrated formation with the business or environmental areas associated with the operation. Multiple issues including the core competitiveness and appropriate understanding has been developed and approached where the balance between the action and goals were needed to be carried out effectively. Each of the areas regarding the marketing and its environment for which the issue of marketing management has been derived and applied (Ahearne and Kothandaraman, 2009). These are identified below:

According to Euro Watch (2015) the traditional approach of the marketing fails to secure a better positioning and project the core ROI for the actions taken under the marketing strategies and application. These are highly needed in the £45billion industry in the health and social care industry. Another factors that has been projected by Deloitte (2014) is that if any organization tends to get the best out of the performances these need to derive a better and applicable means of feedback from the marketing activities and in order to tap into the new and improved possibilities a significant outcome can be derived and applied in the operations (Anumba and Ruikar, 2008). Accordingly. These showed a better application for the marketing management strategies in organizations like Anderson.


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