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Case for Critical Analysis - Empress Luxury Lines

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Case for Critical Analysis- Empress Luxury Lines

1. Antonio Melendez , if he uses utilitarian approach he would himself do something rather than keeping his colleague i.e. Kevin in trouble. He would have thought of the co-employers and growth of the company and consequences to face & go ahead. where as if he uses individualism he would have asked Kevin to do what he likes .

If he employed the individualism approach and fraud thing have blown out in the market and the company have drowned. It would result in consequences like

• Closing of company

• Unemployment

• Facing social media

• Cost for legal activities

• Its problems to all the parties of the company except insurance.

However it would be good if this happens because it would be example for others and would not go for fraud and keep others in trouble.

If he employed the individual approach and fraud thing is blown and did not have any effect, this would directly result in personal problems like

• Job insecurity or lay off.

• Screwing of his career

• Personal risk

• Illegal activities

However if this happens, in long term the company has to face bad consequences. And would result in high penalty than they benefited or shutting down of company which would result in job loss, terminating of retirement plans loss of shares and psychological problems.

By using the Utilitarian approach there is benefit for the company and would be good for all the parties of the company and good for the further development too. But only the insurance company would


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