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Analysis of Future Challenges for Health Care Management

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Analysis of Future Challenges for Health Care Management


Health care management is one of the critical aspects accorded priority by many governments. A close analysis of the health care management systems in different nations reveals a common trend. It becomes evident that the past has presented certain challenges, but strategies for addressing those challenges have helped shape the current management system. Asserting that health care management presents an impressive stability would be a misguided conclusion. Evidently, health care management still presents certain challenges that compel the adoption of effective strategies for now and the future. Future prospects highlight that health care management will still be in turmoil because of certain salient challenges. This paper will discuss some of the future challenges for health care management.

According to recent research, an evident shift in demographics has the potential of altering the perspectives and strategies adopted in health care management . In the future, the proportion of the elderly group in the society is likely to be higher. Although a higher life expectancy is an aspect promoted by many policies and strategies, it presents certain implications on health care management. The elderly group is highly susceptible to chronic diseases. The management of chronic diseases has proven expensive. This will require additional resources and the extension of insurance covers for the elderly. Many nations are yet to design effective strategies for addressing the expected demographic shift.

The 21st century is defined by salient benchmarks of technology and innovation. The health care system does not lag behind, as there are multiple prospects of breakthroughs in the development of new surgical procedures, pharmaceutical products, new diagnostic and therapeutic


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