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Hi-Tech Health Care Product Marketing Development in Canada

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When gum was first invented, its purpose was for pure enjoyment. As its popularity increased, marketers decided to add benefits and this allowed for a drastic increase in sales. But why is gum so popular among North American culture? There have been many factors that are affecting the rise in sales. Other than the casual enjoyment of having something fresh in your mouth, many benefits continue to develop and reach different target customers. Some benefits found in different types of gum include freshened breath, a tool for diet and weight loss, preventing tooth decay, helping to quit smoking, teeth whitening, and even studies have shown an increase in focus. Such a simple product has developed so much and continues to grow for the benefits of the world.

Another type of gum, in which our company hopes to market and bring light to North Americans, is energy gum.

In today’s society, there is an ever increasing pressure to succeed. Whether it be on the job, in a competition, or studying for an exam, there are times when that extra boost of energy is required. With that being said, we have discovered a new way to invigorate one’s mental and physical capabilities with a new energy chewing gum product. This energy gum would mainly be composed of caffeine and vitamins to help improve reaction speed, alertness and concentration.

The energy drink sector is one that is full of potential as it is a relatively new to the Canadian marketplace and is already expected to have sales of $375.2 million by 2011(1). There are several forms of energy stimulants, mainly in liquid form, supplied by a variety of well-established brands led by Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar.

Energy chewing gum comes with many advantages which would make it a successful product in the Canadian marketplace. As opposed to leading energy drinks which must be served cold and must be fully consumed once opened, our new product provides sticks of energy gum in packs of 12. With this small form of packaging, the gum can be conveniently carried around, and is not required to be temperature regulated. The convenient packaging would allow the consumer to always have energy gum on hand. Once chewed, the gum would release ingredients into the body to give a temporary boost of energy to the consumer. A psychological factor also plays a role in the gum’s function. The cognitive perception associated with the action of chewing will allow users to feel more invigorated and energized with every chew as they believe that they are experiencing an increase in energy level. As a result, the physical and psychological factors will allow the gum to work effectively.


Before being able to market our product, there are many factors that can impact the success of our product’s marketing strategy. By taking into consideration the macro-environmental


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