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Better Health Association Human Resources Plan

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Better Health Association Human Resources Plan

Jasmine Claytor

MGMT 312 – E1WW

Dr. Jim Young

January 20, 2019

Better Health Association Human Resources Plan


The Better Health Association has been servicing central Ohio for over two decades. The organization has been doing good financially. They have even made over $1,000,000 in surplus which is sustainably good. In order to maintain this surplus us as an organization are going to make sure we are continuing to grow and improve our community.

Better Health Association Mission

To improve the well-being of individuals through health education, counseling and detection screening programs.

Better Health Association Vision

To be the premier provider of state-of-the art health services in the greater central Ohio region.

Strategic Goals for Human Resources

  • Secure interns to support the director’s goals by program and event.
  • Recruit and train agency volunteers to ensure the expansion of agency and director strategic/tactical goals.
  • Oversee all aspects of the hiring of any new staff person necessary for the success of agency goals. Includes: advertising, recruiting, screening and providing overall acclimation to the agency.

SWOT Analysis for Human Resources

SWOT Analysis

Strengths (internal strengths)

  • Everyone feels part of a team
  • Extensive training
  • Reputation is in good standing

Weaknesses (internal weaknesses)

  • More part-time than full-time employees
  • Communication
  • Allocation/Funds

Opportunities (external opportunities)

  • Volunteers
  • Interns (high school, undergrad, graduate)
  • Community outreach

Threats (external threats)

  • Better pay
  • Better career advancement
  • Turnover starts to be an issue


  • Recruitment job fairs done at local career fairs or at colleges
  • Look into budget for current part-time employees to be converted to full-time for retention
  • Push to hire at minimum 30 full-time employees where business is most needed within ninety days
  • Push to hire at minimum 15 part-time employees where business is most needed within sixty days
  • Mandatory supervisor training to be done over different modules within a period of sixty days

Tactical Plan for Human Resources


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