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Ethics Be Taught in School

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By the time a student is attending a business school, he/she is mature enough to identify what is right and wrong. Therefore, it will be up to them to decide whether or not to have a good work ethics and, consequently, make the right decision. According to the article, some people have unethical behavior because they believe they have worked hard to deserve something better and bigger than anybody else. Thus, they get blind because of their ambitious and self pride. Also, the article pointed out that the role of a teacher in an ethics class is to "teach people to realize when they are using these excuses to justify doing the wrong thing." Therefore, these students already know what they are doing is wrong, so I don't think a whole classroom should be forced to "learn" something they already know, just because there are few students who don't work with scrupulous.

Can business ethics be taught? Yes, it can. Is it worth it? Honestly, I don't think so, because the teacher wouldn't be adding anything new to the majority of the students in the classroom. Also, I believe these people are so driven by money and power that they won't listen anybody but themselves. Don't take me wrong, I believe ethics can be taught, and it should. However, it would be much more important to teach it while they are kids, when their personality are been formed. It is the role of the society to teach for the kids the proper way to live in a society. It can't wait till they are adults and in college.


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