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Ethical Code of Rule Utilitarianism - an Affair to Forget

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An Affair to Forget…

In essence, ultitarianism argues that an action is morally correct if the consequences of the action have a more favorable than unfavorable impact on everyone involved. In utilitarianism, it is morally wrong to commit any act that will result in consequences that are more negative than positive. However, act utilitarianism can lead to some serious moral predicaments, including a seeming over permissiveness of many seemingly morally distasteful acts. For example, act utilitarianism would allow specific acts of torture to be morally acceptable if the specific outcome of these acts were more good than bad.

Moral decisions in business are best served by adhering to the ethical code of rule utilitarianism. Rule utilitarianism provides a workable code for businesses. By adopting rule utilitarianism, businesses can help to prevent serious damage caused by decisions based solely on the consequences of a single act and, instead, allow businesses to focus on ethical rules that ensure the best long-term benefit for society.

The executive's willingness to mix business with pleasure probably happens more often than people would like to konw. If the executive is committed the employees, he should set the example by provide a healthy work environment. The importance of creating a safe and happy work environment of workers because the long term effects of these kinds of policies are that the firm retains valuable employees, which thus impacts its profit maximization potential.

The reasons for dishonest behavior followed by different businesses and the various problems which arise out of these behaviors are vast. Dishonesty becomes costly for businesses and is harmful for their long-term existence and for the whole economy. The solution for these behaviors and the promotion of an ethical environment in organizations is the responsibility of the employer, employee and customer.


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